Roy Lin 林昆彥 is the CEO and co-founder of Jungllle Inc with Gary and Labrada. His entrepreneurial spirit and vision lead the company to journey of success. StickerHD is the best online custom die cut sticker service in Taiwan.

Before Roy founded Jungllle, he was the also a co-founder of Credarp Inc, founded by Brian, Labrada and me at November 2013. Credarp builds web and iOS apps and are runing the product, elbum, Moneyball for basketball

I'm also the founder of Dreamers' Day, which is the biggest student startup community in Taiwan. Brian and I started it because we believed that students should have entrepreneurship. There were 5 demo shows and 20 meetups both in Taipei and Tainan, and over 300 students participated in.

I share some interesting videos and ideas on Tumblr.

I share my slides on Slideshare and SpeakDeck.

You can find me on Twitter, or drop me an Email.

Roy Lin 林昆彥
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